It had to happen….

Your phone is now a radio in addition to being your personal computer, camera, watch, timer, email processor and text “machine!”

Introducing….. iHeart Radio Plus – putting the whole thing on serioids!  The new service allows subscribers   “on-demand services make radio truly interactive allowing listeners to save and replay songs from live radio, access millions of songs on demand, and access offline listening.”  excerpted from Radio Ink’s 5.31.17 article.


The basic service starts at just $4.99 a month.  Heck, that’s about one “Starbucks” for a full month’s entertainment.

With the recent success of “Levin TV” online and the demise of truthful traditional television news, I predict we’ll see more and more subscription services online.  I have a monthly subscription to Amazon Music myself here in the office…………I just say, “Alexa, play Elton John music” and I’m off and running.

Will it fully or truly replace terrestrial radio in the car?…..doubt it.  I love my local news, traffic and talk hosts in realtime…..and I HATE TO FOOL WITH TECH while I’m driving.

You decide, but in the meantime, read the full article for yourself………..Save& Replay Music from your car radio !!


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