Radio revenues off [marginally]…

The RAB reports 2015 total radio revenues are off 1%.  Does that mean radio’s not a viable marketing choice these days??  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  In fact, radio’s been working as well as ever, at least in the GTG family.

But, IT DOES MEAN it’s a great time to place campaigns as sales managers do the monthly battle for “budgets.”   Especially, since spot revenue was down 3%.

I say, if the station’s audience profile matches the client’s customer profile, let’s get a schedule going….and cash in on the results…

2015 Radio Revenue Is $17.3 Billion



According to the Radio Advertising Bureau, 2015 ad revenue declined 1%, from 2014. Spot revenue was down 3%, network revenue was up 1%, digital was up 5%, and off-air revenue gained 11%. Off-air sales now represent nearly 12% of radio’s total revenue.

Radio’s number one category, automotive, was flat in 2015. The RAB says the automotive category spent twice as much money advertising on radio than the number two category. The Communications/Cellular/Public Utilities category was off 5% but still ranked as radio’s number two category. Financial Services, ranked third, was up 4%, while Health Care was up 5% and Professional Services were up 9%.

RAB CEO Erica Farber said, “It’s clear that advertisers’ commitment to radio remains consistent. They will find money to try out shiny new vehicles, but they continue to rely on radio’s core ability to reach huge numbers of consumers and motivate them to buy products and services.”

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