BYE BYE “Net Neutrality” ??

Well, with the new sheriff in town, the FCC has a new sheriff as well, Ajit Pai.  He’s a current commissioner but will be the Chairman, replacing Tom Wheeler, the choice of the past administration.

The outgoing put the principle of “net neutrality” in place.  That means internet providers must treat you grandma’s email with the same priority as an email from your bank or a download of your favorite movie  on Netflix.

The new Chairman Pai has been an outspoken critic of Wheeler’s regulatory approach and he is generally lauded by the industry he oversees for his anti-regulation stance. 

At the end of the day, it’s the same old battle…..what works better, liberty and freedom or the government knowing best?   In my opinion, somewhere there’s a middle ground that’s best.  Regulation of excesses and abuse,  but lots of freedom for entrepreneurs.

Source:  Radio Ink article 1/17

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