Give us 22 minutes….and we’ll give you the world !!

So often, most of us take for granted a product or service we enjoy without regard to the “back end” efforts that produce that product or service we use and depend on.

That’s especially true in the radio industry.  After all, we just hop in the car, start the engine and push the “fav” button on the radio and we’re off – enjoying that news or traffic update, play by play or heated political discourse by our host of choice.

What does it take behind the scenes?  Literally, scores of talented, dedicated and in many cases unpaid professionals who love what they do.  For those of us in radio, it isn’t a job or even work.  It’s more like an obsession!  Or dare I say, ADDICTION!!

No place I’ve worked in the radio industry had more folks like these folks than KFWB News 980.  After 6 years working for a family run station in Glendale, I had a passion to move into “mainstream” radio, a top-tier station.  It was my privilege to join KFWB in February of 1997 and I spent two years there.  It was a blast.

I still enjoy relationships from that gig.

Ted Sobel, Sports Guy from KFWB, has put together an amazing audio history of that legendary station….

Take a listen:

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