What’s satellite radio most afraid of ?

So frequently, when I talk to potential clients, one of their first concerns about “radio” is satellite radio.

To the uninitiated, satellite radio is the BIG GORILLA in the radio room and all the AM & FM license holders are running for the hills.

Well, let’s listen to what   In Jim Meyer, chief of Sirius XM, has to say about the subject.  After all, he’s the most impacted by the “threat” of terrestrial radio.  In Jim Meyer’s own words, “Like a proverbial ice cube melting in Alaska, terrestrial radio isn’t going anywhere quickly.”

My sentiments precisely.  He points to the fees involved with satellite.  That’s a consideration.  But, what he’s not thinking about is the incredible local connection terrestrial radio has in each and every one of its markets.  Folks want a local connection.   What’s my weather?  What happened in my community last night?  Satellite will never be able to provide that hometown connection.

So I say, let’s get the campaign started. Say, next Monday??


Meyer: “Radio Is Like An Ice Cube Melting In Alaska”

After quoting from a recent Jacobs Media study that showed how much time consumers spent listening to radio in their vehicles — and how often they listened to SiriusXM — CEO Jim Meyer wanted to remind investors that the satellite company’s main competitor is radio, not pure-play streamers. He said, “Terrestrial radio is still the 800-pound gorilla in the room.” And he said a lot more.


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