Are you watching those on-line reviews?

I met recently with the team of Regional Managers for a large home services company to discuss “reviews” on-line.  Yelp, the nemesis of the service industry….and the somewhat friendlier Google Reviews.   Throw in Angie’s List and many others.   In year’s past, disgruntled customers meant little ultimately to the bottom line.  The cancellation call would come in a day or two after the bad service and maybe an unkind conversation with office staff.   Otherwise, the customer service model historically has been “no harm, no foul. Let’s move on…


WHOA.  We’re in a different world………let’s see what happened when a young Canadian musician had his professional guitar broken by a major airline…..time for a song, perhaps!

Check it out:

By week’s end, the you tube post had over 100,000 views.  Today, it’s closing in on 16 million.  We can only speculate on the business lost because of only one thing: “Social Media”

Read next week’s blog to find the cure for business ills due to social media.

Credit to for the video and the story!

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