A word about GTG’s services

Fred Taylor is a self-professed entrepreneur.  His core competency is radio and getting results from radio marketing.  However, his depth of business acumen and experience has caused his client relationships to range from 100% consultation to a hybrid of direct/response radio marketing in addition to marketing & business consultation.  His objective view continually affords highly profitable input for each and every client.

Your relationship with GTG Marketing depends entirely upon your needs and your marketing objectives.  Each client is unique and GTG remains flexible to provide the level of services to meet and exceed your needs most efficiently.

Marketing Analysis

GTG is a firm believer that the message is even more important than the medium.  After all, a “great” ad will get some results on a poor station choice, while virtually nothing will happen when a “lousy” ad runs on a powerhouse radio station.

This critical element is often over-looked especially in the media seller space…buyer beware.

  • Marketing analysis is where it all begins… every successful campaign starts here…
  • Customer analysis & definition
  • Positioning – what makes you special ?
  • Holding the hill or…
  • Taking the hill

Strategic Media Planning

This is where GTG Marketing’s “secret sauce” comes into play and pays huge dividends…ask about  Fred Taylor’s philosophy of generating frequency when plotting spots…it’s the key…

  • Media & market research
  • Media selection
  • Media budgeting
  • Media allocation

Media Buying

Fred Taylor’s over 20 years of selling experience really works in your favor here.  He knows how the managers think when they evaluate a deal and the intricate internal dynamics of the sales process at the station.  He structures his offers so everybody wins, especially you, the client…

  • Media negotiation & execution
  • Day-part/schedule composition
  • Spot plotting
  • Campaign analysis
  • Vendor accountability

Measureable Results

GTG’s overriding objective is tangible, measureable results for you, the client.  With that in mind, every campaign includes these elements:

  • Only unique GTG “memorable” 800 #’s used
  • RealTime caller dashboard
  • Results accessible 24 x 7
  • Every caller # captured
  • Weekly results reports Monday morning
  • Partnership approach for client conversions


Imagine taking the full expanse of your business enterprise and distilling all you do into sixty compelling seconds….take confidence that Fred Taylor has been doing this for over 25 years…. writing successful radio copy from the perspective of the listener, not the client.  After all, it’s the listener who we’re asking to take action

  • Writing
  • Production
  • Talent considerations
  • Creative options
  • The power of endorsements – radio’s secret weapon