Just whose shoes are you wearing?

When any of us sit down to write an ad, we’re all tempted to think about all the great things about our client.  How big they are.  How wonderful they are.  How great their product is.


But seriously, does the ad reader or listener… our potential customer…  really care about those things?  I mean, really care.  They want a problem solved….a need met.  Something that will make their lives easier, better, more fun.


Enter the old school saying:  “You  shouldn’t talk until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”   That’s some wise and sage wisdom for any of us who write ads.  I need to walk in the shoes of the customer I’m trying to reach.  What does that ad reader or broadcast listener need and want?


In the case, for example, of pest control, they simply want those bugs gone [And, BTW, so does their wife!!]   Quickly, easily and completely.


So,  same day/next day service.   One call does it all.   Gets rid of ’em.   Keeps ’em out.

Those are my bullet points………what are yours?


Happy writing [in someone else’s shoes]…………..

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