Client Successes

For our financial planning client, GTG:

Doubled their new assets under management in 2010 over 2009
In the past 3 years, we’ve:

Cut the client’s cost per call [CPC] 54%… saving over $350 per call
Cut KRLA’s CPC by 78% saving an incredible $2064 per call
Negotiated $1600 of bonus inventory weekly $80,000 annualized!

For our charitable non-profit client:

Generated calls the very first morning of our ads
Produced 120 calls a month
Secured a cost per lead well-under $100.
Generated a 19%  profitable ROI with first campaign

For our reverse mortgage client, GTG did this:

GTG ad generated calls the moment it aired
First campaign produced a positive ROI with this “hard to close” financial product
Just $250 per call for this difficult demo – far less than digital performance of $400 experienced by another client on their own

For our pest control client:

Secured an endorsement program with CBS Radio’s Consumer Reporter, Bob McCormick
Negotiated a KNX package a full 39% off market rates
Planned, executed a campaign which generated over $200,000 of new business possibilities

For our “safe money” investment client:

Took an unproductive radio show, changed stations, re-structured their media schedule, included the synergy of self-voiced, direct response: 60’s
GTG “live” coaching re-formatted the program content
Campaign broke with 16 calls very first week & highly profitable CPC going forward
Averaged over 20 strong leads per week for this now profitable entrepreneur

Produced an amazing $145 CPC for this investment category

For our medical non-profit:

Over $20,000 of market value for targeted event – for $15,000
Saved client over $5000
Over one million W25+ impressions – $14.00 cpm – about half the market cost
Client testified – most successful campaign nationally to date