Why Radio Works

  • It’s emotional
    Thank about your own radio listening habits for a moment.  I’ll bet you listen regularly for specific reasons and you have a “go-to” station each day.  Nationally, 95% of all people listen to radio each and every day.  Most listeners have a favorite talk host, news anchor or “DJ.”  There’s a reason the industry calls them personalities – because they have a special “appeal” and listeners like to listen to them – there’s a relationship there! Thus, the power of radio.   No other medium has that emotional connection like radio does – not even television and certainly not print & the internet [Talk about impersonal].
  • It’s highly targeted
    Add to this the ability to pick and choose stations with highly targeted audiences – after all, the programming content determines the listener…In essence, when we place a campaign on a specific station, we’re talking to a specific, virtual neighborhood….you choose – homeowners, Mercedes buyers, folks needing reverse mortgages and so on
  • It’s intimate & personal
    When your ad runs in the very program you purposefully choose each and every day, it carries more weight with you.  After all, it’s in an environment you like and embrace.  Add a host endorsement and you have a highly profitable combination.
  • It’s intrusive
    Even a classy or dramatic print ad “just sits there” but radio ads are proactive, intrusive.  They “interrupt” our day with a message we might not have considered before.Virtually all other advertising is reactive.  Even internet search.  Searchers have already made the decision to “shop. Radio gets them before they’re thinking of shopping.

In conclusion…

  • Radio motivates…the listener, gets them thinking about your services and moving to inquiring about them.
  • Radio connects with the listener and their problem – by using imagination
  • Radio’s really niche marketing, not broadcasting.
  • Radio listeners are responsive if they perceive the need and if the offer’s compelling.
  • Radio efficiencies are phenomenal – remnant radio efficiencies are also on steroids !!!

Word of mouth is great – radio is word of mouth on steroids